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My husband Bill has suffered with arthritis for over a decade. In the past few years the deterioration in his spine has caused him constant pain. We stopped going in our boat, it was difficult to sit comfortably in a restaurant, household chores where put aside and sleep was difficult. After going to a few doctors, injections, medications, physical therapy and a lot of narcotics for pain he was going to have a neurostimulator placed to mask the pain - he was referred to Dr Ragab for the procedure. Little did we know that we had just met our hero. The man who would change our lives. From the beginning he respected Bill's desire to avoid surgery.

While waiting for the procedure he had a very rapid deterioration to the point he was unable to walk more than a few steps with a walker. He wasn't able to be left alone - he lived in a LIFT chair. Dr Ragab's matter of fact approach and confidence guided us to the decision for the surgery to fix his spine. After updated tests, Dr Ragab felt it was so extensive that the repair had to be done in 2 surgeries - the first was 2 1/2 hours. long - the second was 7 1/2 hours. long. That's what it took to take Bill from a life of constant disabling pain to recovery. The relief was immediate - recovery went well improved every day. As he started walking during his time in a rehab facility we were aware of a crunching, popping noise when he walked. He was discharged home after 2 weeks. 5 days later, Bill saw Dr Ragab for his first follow up visit. We asked what this noise could be. He walked with him in the hall and immediately knew it was from his hip. X-rays confirmed a fractured hip. Dr Ragab immediately called Dr Wood - Bill was admitted and his hip was replaced the next day. None at the rehab hospital figured it out. Dr Ragab did in moments. He took the time to find the answer.

I asked him why he does what he does - he answered that he loves the challenge and finding the answer for his patients - whatever it may involve. We will forever be grateful to Dr Ragab for his instinct, his skill and his commitment to the wellbeing of anyone who comes to him for help. He has changed not only Bill's life but our entire families’ life as well. Thank you Dr Ragab!

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