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I am without a doubt one of Dr. Ragab's patient success stories! My name is Barbara and Dr. Ragab walked into my hospital room like my guardian angel. I had several unsuccessful back surgeries by another doctor and was in terrible pain. I was in the hospital for staph infections and pain control a couple times a year... I truly felt like this was going to be my lot in life, no not life, existence. Because you see this was and is no way to live. After all, I could not plan anything... I had to exist day to day and my "life" felt as though it was on hold. I was a prisoner to my pain is the best way to describe it.

Dr. Ragab ordered diagnostic tests and I consulted with him in his office upon the results. This was just the beginning of our doctor-patient relationship. He explained that when someone goes through back surgery, it affects the entire family and therefore should be a "family" decision. He never said I had to have the surgery, he explained options and said to discuss everything with my husband and children and let him know.There is never any pressure with Dr. Ragab. His bedside manner is second to none, and I decided to go through with the surgery. It was an extensive procedure and to my surprise I had an incredible recovery time. I sat up and drank my dinner later that same night. It was like night and day compared to my previous surgeries. I still think of Dr. Ragab as my guardian angel and I am proud to say my "friend". After all aren't friends there when you need them? Whenever I need anything Dr. Ragab is there. I truly hope that I have helped at least one person struggling with choosing an Orthopedic Surgeon to put their trust in the best one there is... Dr. Ashraf Ragab.

- Barbara | Clearwater, FL

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