Physical Therapy is often prescribed as one of the initial treatment options to help ease spine pain.

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Extremely successful in the treatment of spine pain, Physical Therapy refers to the combination of stretching, exercise, massage, manual therapy, hot or cold therapy and electrotherapy to promote mobility and function. Strengthening core muscles and exercise is a key way to manage back pain. Physical Therapy (PT) is defined as treatment using physical methods rather than medication or surgery.

Rehabilitation through Physical Therapy often plays a major role in each patient’s care.

Patients are often prescribed PT as the first treatment option to reduce and relieve pain. PT can be combined with other treatments like bracing, injections, chiropractic care and surgical procedures. After surgery, Physical Therapy helps to regain motion and aid in healing.

Physical Therapy can be a part of both long term and short term treatment plans and should always be tailored to each individual based on condition, pain and overall prognosis.

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Physical Therapy is treatment through physical methods rather than surgery or medication.