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No Insurance Alternative

At Comprehensive Spine Institute we believe everyone should have equal access to quality care.
» Non Insurance Treatment Plan

Patients are often frustrated due to lack of insurance or restrictions imposed by their insurance companies.

Here at CSI, our main goal is to treat our patients’ pain to give them a better quality of life and enable them to participate again in their daily activities.

The scenario we typically encounter is, a patient will experience back pain and in hopes it will resolve itself, they treat it with ibuprofen or Tylenol. When the pain becomes severe, they will need to visit their primary care doctor to receive a referral to a specialist. This may take 2 weeks of waiting to get into a specialists office.

Once seen by the specialist, X-rays or MRIs are needed for the diagnosis. This is often denied by the insurance companies because they want physical therapy to be performed before authorizing an MRI. The patient has to endure another 4-6 weeks of pain or delay while in physical therapy. Often times, this PT is not successful due to the fact that the cause of the pain is unknown since there is no X-ray or MRI to diagnose.

If therapy fails, the patient returns to the specialist, who will now ask the insurance company to approve the MRI. If the MRI is approved, the specialist can finally accurately diagnose the cause of the patient's pain.

Finally injections or other therapy is approved and the patient will receive the pain relief they are looking for and able to get back to work and resume their lives. Is this convenient for someone suffering with pain throughout this process? Of course not!

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Insurance requires multiple steps for each treatment or protocol which can be time consuming. This is very frustrating to the treating doctor and clinical team, but especially to a patient with pain.
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We will not let you suffer with this pain.

Therefore at CSI, we have an option to bypass these insurance hurdles. We believe everyone should have access to quality care. Our job is to relieve your pain as soon as possible.

We guarantee you an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons immediately within one week. You will have an MRI performed, start PT and have your injections and non-surgical treatment within 2 weeks, thereby limiting your duration and intensity of pain.

For those of you who have coverage, you will have the option to go through your insurance or to bypass your insurance and take our offer.

Our Non Insurance Treatment Plan

We offer this package to patients who are uninsured, whose insurance we do not accept or who cannot wait for their insurance to pay for their care due to their personal reasons. All treatments and management will be completed within 2 to 3 weeks and you will be back to enjoying your life with reduced pain.


Be seen and evaluated within one week of you calling


Have an MRI ordered and performed


Have spinal injections as needed based on MRI results (ESI or blocks) under image guidance


Have an initial consultation with our surgeon team


Start physical therapy (2 sessions) and home exercises


Receive a final evaluation of the treatment plan by one of our surgeons
*Excluded from this offer are patients who are treated under workmans’ compensation, car accidents, patients in litigation and Medicare patients. Please note that if you do have insurance, this program is cash pay and will not be applied toward your annual deductible.

Are You a Candidate for This Program?

Our facility remains in-network with many of the commercial insurance companies and we follow their guidelines closely to support the patient’s contract. By participating in this program you understand that this payment cannot be applied to insurance deductibles, costs or payments and we cannot bill the insurance company for this treatment.


You are have no medical insurance coverage and you are in pain

Not Accepted

We do not accept your insurance and you wish to pay cash for your care

Fast Relief

Due to an acute onset of pain, you wish to bypass your insurance and get help quickly


You are on Medicaid and are having trouble finding a provider who accepts your insurance

A Comprehensive Approach to Spine Care

Through an unprecedented level of experience, success and compassion, our comprehensive approach to spine care stems from the belief that each patient deserves specialized and individualized treatment for their pain.
Our board certified, fellowship-trained surgeons are recognized nationally for their academic contributions which have aided in technological advancements in spine care. Throughout the area they are beloved for their success with patients.


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