A variety of medicines can be prescribed to aid in the relief of back and neck pain. This includes over-the-counter (non-prescription) and prescription medications. Pain relievers are generally available in one of these three forms:

  • Oral – Oral, or taken by mouth, come most often in a pill or liquid form.
  • Topical – Topical or outside the skin, refer to medicines applied to the skin at the spot of pain and are intended to reduce localized discomfort such as soreness.
  • Injection – Injections are pain medications injected directly into the source of the pain. Generally, an injection falls into the minimally invasive category of wellness plan.

Pain medications can range from anti-inflammatories to muscle relaxants. Pain medicines should only be prescribed by a doctor. The doctors at Comprehensive Spine Institute will review your symptoms and imaging and let you know if pain medication is right for you.